About Me

We feel that we are the luckiest to be doing this job as a couple. In every project, we embrace our wedding days and that is how we keep ourselves happy throughout and enjoy working. Capturing images of loving couples in romantic locations around the world is the best part we have done with more than 200 weddings in stunning destinations like Goa, Rome, Paris, Jamaica, Bali, Mexico to name a few. We are featured in a number of international and local photography magazines as well as blogs.

We are delighted to be awarded the Best photographer award this year at the wedding industry awards. We topped the list to rank at number one among the 74000 photographers in the international shoot and share contest which was held as part of an event sponsored by destination wedding avenues. As a couple, we have our own unique shooting styles. I am a fashion photographer which has helped me in deciding the angles and skills to give a stylish edit to the images I click. The images I capture create a ‘WOW’ photo which is catchy with all the minute details. We owe the money and time our clients spend on wedding photography.

We capture a couple’s heart and style. When we are not clicking we can be found at a coffee shop on our laptop or have some beer at a patio or redecorate the loft or travel overseas. Wedding photography has given us some romantic travel moments – 54 countries and still a lot of the globe is left to explore with South East Asia being our favorite destination for wedding photography. Both of believe in reproducing the passions of young couples as they dream of it and expect it on print. Hence, we output the best wedding pictures to frame up as the best memories for a lifetime.